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i got into his Austin show for free... may Zeus bless Maus.
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Author:  biimaus [ Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:17 am ]
Post subject:  i got into his Austin show for free... may Zeus bless Maus.

anyone go to the Austin TX show at barracuda?
i had the most amazing experience.
my friend and i were planning to hold up a sign offering 200 bucks for two tickets to anyone in the line, we got scammed by online resellers and we paid $500.
we were sitting in the car outside the venue and there were only a couple ppl waiting around, when all of a sudden John Maus steps outside holding a water bottle and a cig.... my dad leaped out of the car and explained to him the situation and how we got scammed.... this wonderful man was saddened that someone would scam us so he put us on a list on Jonathan's phone. :float:
me and the three other or so people there told him how excited we were to see him play. he told us he was really nervous.... aw. He hadn't even performed yet and he was all sweaty! i got to take a picture with him. I wish i could tell him how much this meant to me.
the show was amazing, too. the sweat was visibly steaming off of this man's back. Jesus.

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