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Post by possiblegrenade » Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:56 am

batmania wrote:e.g. how do you explain the vinyl revival? i can't. the argument for buying vinyl records in 2012 is membrane-thin.. but i keep talking to people who claim vinyl sounds "better", or it has a curiously unexplainable "warmth", elusive to all modern science. WARMTH?!? WAT ARE U ON ABOUT, SON. no, i think you just want some nice trophies for ur flat. be good for when the gang is around pre-drinking on friday night, eh. good to show off. that's what i really think....
Eugenia wrote:I can't either. There's no rational explanation behind it, other than being in fashion. If you're into hissing, you'll like vinyl, but if you're into modern electronic music (even when it's supposed to be "lo-fi"), then you won't like vinyl. Growing up very poor in Greece, we only had a radio at home, so I'm not nostalgically or emotionally invested into vinyls (or cassettes). These days, I only buy mp3s, usually from iTunes/Amazon/Bandcamp. The only CD I bought in the last 3 years was John Maus' "Songs" (import), since it ceased to be available in a digital form for some reason.
It's most certainly a trend, but a peculiar one. Perhaps as everybody migrated to thrift stores they picked them up and gradually the obsession grew? Who knows. It's my hope that the reason is that in the modern age we actually want to have something physical. That's why I buy them, and CD's as well. And it's also why ebooks make me fear the end of publishing companies. Everything is becoming digital, and there's a lot of wonderful convenience no doubt, but I would miss the cassettes, CD's, records, and books if they all just disappeared. I enjoy collecting things.

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Re: One of us

Post by Anthony » Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:38 am

it's about analog vs digital. i prefer the sound of music delivered by vinyl when the recording never saw a digital form.

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